Passionate gamer, Alex joined the videogame industry in 2000 at Infogrames/ ATARI to work on AAA franchises such as Driver, The Witcher and Unreal Tournament. He then had the opportunity to join ANKAMA to work on Free-to-Play mobile Games and MMORPGs, expanding skills to free to play models, always keeping community in mind. Alex since joined UBISOFT Annecy as Live Producer to work on STEEP, an innovative take into the wintersports genre in a massive, connected openworld that won 2016 DICE Award for Best Sport Game of the Year.

Alexandre Enklaar sessions

Challenges of operating a AAA live game

Description: This talk will focus on the best practices and challenges of operating a live game on consoles and PC through the example of STEEP, 2016 DICE Award for Best Sports Game Targeted public: Producers, Designers and anyone interested in live activities Takeaways: Best practices in terms of retention and monetization, production challenges