Anne Blondel-Jouin has been with Ubisoft since 1996. For more than 20 years she has played a key role in production and business at Ubisoft. She produced the first FAR CRY, gained invaluable experience in eSports leading Nadeo Live – the studio behind TrackMania – and launched the biggest online multiplayer driving game to date, as Executive Producer of The Crew. Leveraging this experience, Anne took over Live Operations for Ubisoft Games as a Service to guarantee our players’ long-term engagement in its gaming worlds.

Anne Blondel-Jouin sessions

Gamer XP Management is instrumental for the success of a Live game – why does being “gamer centric” differ from being “consumer centric” – a global mindset shift for community approach
Thursday, November 2nd

Description: TBC Targeted public: Live Producers, Producers, Marketing Managers, Community Dev, Community Managers, Customer Support Teams, etc… basically everyone involved with the gamer and not only the consumer Takeaways: TBC