Nikola Cavic is the Head of Business Development at Nordeus. Nikola joined Nordeus in 2012 and has been playing a key role in Nordeus’s growth and international expansion ever since. He is leading Business Development team, where he is responsible among other things for: global expansion, strategic partnerships, IP licensing and advertising monetization. Prior to Nordeus, he spent 5 years with CCP Games where he was responsible for sales and global distribution of EVE Online, and has been involved in a number of international projects with global leaders in the gaming industry. Nordeus is the developer and publisher of Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager, the most popular mobile sports game in the world, with over 150 million registered users. Nikola holds an M.S. degree in International Business & Marketing from the University of Reykjavik.

Nikola Cavic sessions

Expert Eye on Monetization's New Trends
Wednesday, November 1st

Description: In this panel dedicated to monetization in video games, experts from PC & Mobile space will discuss what are some of the key trends and challenges that game developers are facing today. Panelists will address what are the best monetization practices & business models of today and discuss what is likely to dominate in […]