Michael is an advocate of crowdfunding and supports Kickstarter as Outreach Games in Europe since January ‘16. He also is CEO and founder of Booster Space – an event specialist and developer for games and virtual reality. Makers of #gamesweekberlin, VR NOW Con (for VRBB), Game Cinema and Womenize! Tech, Biz, Media. Booster Space is developer of DUEL VR – a Western themed multiplayer duelling game for roomscale VR. Since his studies in politics, media and business (many years ago…) he is fostering connections between business, technology and culture. He offers public speaking, conference hosting and panel moderation.

Michael Liebe sessions

Tips and Tricks for Kickstarter Creators & Dual Universe crowdfunding success story
Thursday, November 2nd

Description: Dual Universe is an ambitious SciFi MMORPG focused on emergent gameplay, with potentially millions of people interacting in the same world at the same time while building, trading and creating their political and economical systems. The game sits somewhere at the crossroad of Eve Online and Minecraft, and is based on several groundbreaking new […]