Since his youngest age, Damien MARIC is a cinema passionate. After a long visit in Los Angeles, he decides to come back to France and he makes it a career, by developing projects for Television and Cinema. At 23 years old, he created his first board game: LONDON 1888, allowing him to share his interest in investigating the most mysterious serial killer in history. He is the co-founder of the Overlook group created in 2011, which collaborates with numerous studios such as Disney, Warner, Gibhli, Canal+, etc.

Damien Maric sessions

Licence to play. What is the best deal between studios, producers and fans
Thursday, November 2nd

Description: negotiate, work, design and create a licence without the money as a principal goal. How to approach the different studios? What type of negotiation? How to design the best product for the fans? With what resources? How to promote the project?