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What Matteo Vallone, Business Development Android Apps and Games EMEA at Google, is doing at Game Connection Europe 2016

Matteo is joining us at Game Connection Europe 2016 this year to speak about Google Play and Daydream as well as to search out exciting new games to partner with.

We spoke to Matteo recently about his upcoming talk and what he is looking for at GCE16 in October.

Matteo, great to have you on board as a speaker. You’ll be talking about how developers can leverage Google Play to build a successful games business. Can you give us a sneak peek at 1 major tip/tactic that a developer should implement in order to increase their visibility on this platform?

To soft launch with alpha/beta channels in Play and gather insights on how to optimize their game especially for retention. I’ll also discuss how using store listing experiments to optimize store page conversion from views to install.

You’ll be talking about Google Daydream as well - what are the biggest pitfalls developers must be aware of when developing for VR?

Developers should design a game for VR. You can’t just adapt a game that actually works best on a different platform. As a developer, you always have to think about retention: will the user still play this game in VR after the 1st day, week, month?

If there is one thing that you want your audience to take away from your talk what would it be ?

Regardless of whether you are launching a mobile game or a VR game, Google Play is the platform where you can distribute your content and where you'll find the best developer tools.

Apart from speaking, what else are you looking to get out of Game Connection? Are you looking for new partners?

I am always looking for new promising indie developers and startups to meet, so I look forward to meeting you!

Thank you Matteo. If you are a developer looking to launch a mobile game or a VR game then Matteo's talk will give you the tools you need to leverage Google's platforms to build a successful business. And if you're looking to partner with Google then maybe you are exactly what Matteo is looking for - you'll be able to arrange meetings with him (and hundreds of other 'buyers') in advance of Game Connection Europe via our meeting application. To purchase your ticket and join us at GCE16 this year to do business and learn click here.