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What the Community Manager of Gameforge is doing at GCE16

Cedric Desesmaison will be joining us at Game Connection Europe 2016 to talk about how Community Management can build and protect the image of your game. We speak to Cedric ahead of his talk.

Can you give us a sneak peek on the ideas you’ll share with the audience?

The main idea with this presentation is to show the importance of Community Management for branding. Posting on forums and other daily actions are part of branding process.

And, even with the differences between companies, a Community Manager (CM) is an important factor for the image of a game.

What is the main point you’d would like your audience to take away from the talk?

The main point I would like to see the audience take away, it’s how communication plays a key role in branding for a CM . You communicate with players, fansites, partners and colleagues. And, depending on, your communication and how you use it,you’ll have an impact on the image of your product and company.

Who would benefit most from your talk and shouldn’t miss it?

I think it’s important for Community Managers who are starting in the industry as well as startups that are developing their first game and have to start to think about this role.

I would suggest to people who are in contact with CMs to come so they can understand how they can improve their CM departments or have a better understanding on how the industry is evolving and how the Community Manager himself has to evolve.

This industry is fast moving – what do you see, from your perspective, will change for the industry over the next 12-18 months?

Some positions will change and the main tasks will change for some people.

It’s difficult to say what will be the main tendency in 12 months or 18 months, a company can release a new game and change the interest of players.

ESport will be more and more important but how it will be in 1 year is difficult to say. Governments like France are starting to think about it and prepare, alongside ESports actors, the rules for tomorrow.

VR is also coming on consoles and PCs.

I can’t say how it will be, but it will be interesting to follow for sure.

Can you give us an idea of why you are attending Game Connection and if you are looking to find partners?

I’m going to follow presentations; I’m interested to learn from others. It will be my main objective.

I’m looking forward to seeing the vision of other people about Community Management and marketing.

I want to use Game Connection to improve myself and get connected with interesting people.

To attend Cedric's session (as well as many others)  click here to purchase your ticket and join us at GCE16 this year to do business and learn