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Set-top box and Smart TVs: New revenue streams for game publishers and developers

As part of the Game Connection Europe 2016 conference program we'll be hosting a panel discussion on the opportunities to tap into new revenues streams in the connected TVs market. This panel discussion is being held between:

Nathalie Lamri - Global Product Strategy & Marketing Director at EMTEC (Moderator)

Jean-Denis Vigato - Head of Cloud Gaming/Games Business Unit at Orange

Anne-Laure Caffin - Head of Cloud Gaming at Numericacle-SFR

Olivier Avaro - CEO at Blacknut

Loïck Tanguy - VP Business Development Asia Consultant at Anuman

Ivan Lebeau - CEO at Gamestream

We talk to Nathalie Lamri, the moderator of this panel, ahead of the event to find out more about the future of video games in the cloud.

Can you please introduce yourself and the work you do?

I’m the Head of Marketing and Communication at EMTEC, a French brand distributed in over 50 countries. I’m in charge of the product strategy, development and communication of all our product ranges. We propose creative and elegant designs which appeal to the consumer as much as the technical performance. EMTEC products incorporate the latest innovations: clever storage solutions, mobile accessories and connected entertainment devices (audio, gaming, movies). I have over 20 years experience in video games and consumer electronic devices. We just launched the GEM Box, the first Android TV box entirely dedicated to video games.

What will your panel discussion cover?

We will explain how the set-top box and Smart TVs can generate a new revenue stream for video game publishers and developers. With Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Google’s Chromecast, set-top boxes have become a booming sector in the last four to five years. There is now an emergence of strong end-consumer endorsement for gaming on connected TVs. This new trend will have a big impact on traditional video games. We will explain how the market is changing and is now structured with operators/Internet providers, cloud gaming platforms, OTT manufacturers, game content providers, marketplaces...

Is the future of video games in the cloud?

Yes, I’m totally convinced that the video game industry has not yet experienced its total digital revolution vs. music and video. Game streaming is definitely a massive trend in the industry that game content providers need to embrace and see as a new opportunity to make games as easy to access as music and movies and grow their audience. For instance, nobody so far has truly focused on set-top boxes dedicated to games. The GEM Box is a great example of how game streaming will be the next big thing after music with Spotify and TV with Netflix.