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Region Specific: Japan & Korea

  • Region Specific: Japan & Korea- Room 1

    Publishing 3.0 - Panel - October 26, 2016


Description: Japan and Korea are challenging markets even for local developers, how are the chances for a foreign developing company to get a game published? How can this chances be increased? With one of the highest CPI in the World, and overflown with F2P mobile games, Publishers think it twice before investing any money.
Trying to get your game published in Japan will cost you time, nerves, and money. How can you decide if it is worth the effort? How can you convince the Publisher that it is worth it?


Targeted Public: Developers and Publishers willing to expand their business in Japan and in the region


Take Away: The Audience will get a deeper understanding of does and don’ts for that market, get to know which partners to work with and learn how to adapt their game


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