What's next for PR ? How Public Relations need to evolve to keep up with a changing landscape

Julien Wera, PR & Marketing Manager for Massive and Nadeo, two Ubisoft studios


The past 10 years have seen tremendous changes in the games industry: the rise of free-to-play, mobile, and digital games, and the vast broadening of the video game audience overall. As companies scramble to transform and adapt to the new landscape, so do their marketing strategies, and within them the PR discipline in particular, which have to face both the changes of the games industry, but also the evolution of the media landscape as a whole. This talk will focus on the key areas where PR has changed and how to adapt to a new world of communication, touching on topics such as the relation to user communities, the management of global communications, the relevancy of big trade shows, and more.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

This talk is intended for any person interested in the field of external communications for digital games, from the PR professional used to boxed products and looking to do the switch, to the indie developer going the way of self-publishing. Knowledge of the basics of communication and marketing of the games industry is a plus to understand the transformation of the market and its impact.

Session takeaway:

The goal of this talk is to highlight the areas of PR that need to change to survive the transition to an all-digital industry, and suggest options on how to approach these changes.


November 28th, From 10:00am to 10:50am




Julien Wera is a seasoned marketing and communication professional working at two development studios, Massive Entertainment and Nadeo, as part of the Ubisoft group. Prior to his work at Ubisoft, he worked at free-to-play publisher Gala Networks Europe, casual games developer PopCap Games and consulting agency ICO Partners, taking over half a dozen online games to launch, and focusing his work on adapting communication tools and user acquisition channels to new business models and emerging platforms in the games industry.

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