The User Experience: Past, Present and Future

Tobias Edl, Media Relationship Manager at InnoGames


Tobias Edl talks about user experience of a browser game by bringing the audience through a journey of past, present and future. This is intended to answer questions like: how have things like the registration process, profile set-up and tutorial changed? Why have they changed? How can developers, game designers and marketing professionals use this information to keep players in the game? Most importantly, Tobias presents what he believes is the perfect balance between getting as much information from the user as possible, and getting them in the game fast.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

This talk touches on several aspects of the user experience, and therefore is interesting for a wide range of professionals, from marketing to game design, and many in between. No prerequisite knowledge is required.

Session takeaway:

Audience members will receive real-life successful examples to follow while designing the user experience of a browser game, do's and don'ts, and advice from a veteran in the gaming industry.


November 28th, from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm




Tobias Edl leads business development at German-based browser game developer and publisher, InnoGames. Previously, Tobias was the Director of Business Development at gaming company Playa Games and a senior manager of business development at He has spent over eight years in the gaming industry and frequently attends events to connect with others and exchange knowledge about many aspects of gaming.

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