New vs Old - What does Video Game Marketing Look Like Now?

Thomas Bidaux, CEO at ICO Partners + Rahim Attaba, Marketing Director, Europe at + Tommy Palm, Mobile Guru at


 Even though the industry has seen drastic changes over the last few years, marketing has never been so critical in the video game industry. In this panel, experts in the field working in different segments of the industry will confront their views on what will happen in the coming months and years and how that changes the way marketing is going to be more and more in the center of the battlefield.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Everyone involved in the marketing field, game developers and publishers

Session takeaway:

Attending this panel will help you know what gathers them all and what is so unique in each of their approach.


November 29th, from 03:00 pm to 03:50 pm




Thomas Bidaux's career started at France Telecom, within the GOA team where in 1999, he was recruited to manage their online games. He grew the activity from a one-man team in charge of the first French MMORPG La 4eme Prophetie, to the European organisation in charge of the most successful MMORPG at the time in this market, Dark Age of Camelot.
Rahim joined the games industry in May 2002 by integrating GOA's customer support teams for Dark Age of Camelot.
It evolves gradually in the French group, and in June 2004, he is appointed Marketing Manager at GOA. As senior product manager, he ensures the launches of Warhammer Online and League of Legends, then all GOA's Free 2 Play titles. In January 2011, Rahim is European Senior Brand Manager within the European office of Trion Worlds, to support the European launch of the MMORPG Rift. After the launch of Rift, he is responsible for the launch of Trion World's first f2p: End of Nations.He finally leaves Trion Worlds at the end of December 2011 to become head of Marketing Europe at
With over two decades of experience as a game designer and entrepreneur, Tommy Palm has earned the title “Mobile Guru” at leading casual social games company, He works in the forefront of the company’s prevalent cross-platform games initiatives taking games from social to mobile. Tommy started programming games for Commodore 64 back in 1986 as a hobby until 1999, when he founded Jadestone. Since then he has been working as concept creator and game designer on more than 10 game titles including Championship Manager Online, World in War, Karlsson på Taket (mobile), Dirk Dagger and Kodo. During the more than 10 years developing mobile games, his team has been awarded nine international awards and numerous nominations – most recently the prominent IMGA and IGF Mobile awards. In 2009 Jadestone’s mobile department spawned off into Fabrication Games, where Tommy was President. The company went on to be acquired by in early 2012. Tommy is a regular collegiate lecturer and frequently contributes articles on trends in social and mobile games. He has also spoken at prominent events including GDC San Francisco, GDC Online, GDC Europe, Game Connection, E3, and Cannes Film Festival among others.

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