Mobile Marketing for Smartphone Game Apps

Megumi Jinno, Director of Advertising at GREE UK, Ltd


Mobile Marketing for Smartphone Game Apps; Introduce typical ad solutions, ad players overview in the world, and the way to earn benefit from mobile advertising. Talk from the experience earned by GREE as a mobile platform player, ad a mobile game developer, and as a mobile advertising business player.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

 Mobile game developers

Session takeaway:

What is the trend of mobile app marketing. How to earn benefits from mobile advertising.


November 30th, from 04:30 pm to 05:20pm




Megumi Jinno joined GREE as Director of Advertising across Europe in January 2012. Prior to joining GREE, Megumi worked for CBS Interactive Inc in San Francisco as the Vice President of Asia and international licensing for two and a half years. Megumi also worked at ZDNet Inc in New York for over three years and Ziff-Davis Publishing for more than two years. Megumi has 12 years’ experience in international business development and operations of ad-supported digital media; she also has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is bilingual in English and Japanese.

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