Lighting and color in a CG world

Maël François, Lighting Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios


- Practical analysis of light properties
- Understanding color mechanics
- Lighting basics : depth, scale, camera properties and tone mapping
- Art studies (painting, cinema and photography)
- Exercise : how to create or reproduce light behavior in an indoor and exterior scenes by incremental setup of light quality and quantity (traditional and indirect illumination setup)
- Balancing art and technology : principles and limitations of indirect illumination (GI, color bleeding), surface response
- Use and control of indirect illumination in a virtual environment
- Give life to your character through lighting (study of cinematography and exercise)
- Lighting optimization : efficient use of lights and limitation of assets and resources
- Q&A

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Artists / Technical Artists / Art Directors
The audience should be composed of people having a strong interest for lighting and visual arts in general.

Session takeaway:

Understand the behavior of light, color, their use in image composition and storytelling and the different lighting approaches to reproduce these behaviors in CG. Then use the practical application of this knowledge to build a solid and efficient lighting setup to translate one's artistic vision in a virtual environment.


December, 6th. From 9am to 6pm


English (or French if required)


After Framestore in London Maël did some freelance work in Paris (SnarxFx, Attitude Studio) before moving to Pixar in Emeryville, California in october 2009. Maël has been working here as a lighting td on Toy Story 3, Cars 2 and he is alternating work between the upcoming movies Brave (2012) and Monsters University (2013).

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